Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Car Crash

on the 22nd I was stopped at a red light. I looked a the rearview to see a car careening toward me.  An old man driving 45mph smashed into me. I was throw a crossed the intersection and blacked out.  I have whiplash and a concussion.  They say I'm lucky. 

at the emergency room the woman asked me a few questions.

Nurse: Whats your name?

Me: Emma(naild it)

Nurse:  Your address?

Me: 123 main st

Nurse: And your last name?

Me: 123 ma...ah  main no.  123 main

Nurse:  phone number?

123 main ......st

Nurse: okay whats the date?

Me: ah the 22nd

Nurse:  and the month?

Me: October, no. September,,,,No.  July...no January.  it's January.

This has been one hell of a year.


  1. How's the public transportation system where you live?

  2. Tsk! That must've been so bad! How did you handle the legal matters? Was the one responsible sent to jail? Well, I hope so because based on your statement, it was totally his fault. How are you recovering?
    Maggie Malone @ Mastrangelo Law Offices

  3. Hope you and everyone involved are now okay. Sorry about your misfortune. I've really enjoyed your blog so keep it goin!