Saturday, February 1, 2014

Radio interview with ME!

I’m radio star! As I’ve mentioned I am a stand-up comedian.  It’s very easy for me because all I really do is talk about being Mormon, and how nothing makes since, and I’m afraid of everyone.  I tell the crowed being a virgin at my age is like being a unicorn.  We don’t exist but everyone thinks they want one. 

One of my fellow comedians works for 93.1 JAMS.  A huge radio station here where I live.  My friend is intrigued by my comedy and my life story.  So much that he pulled a few strings and got me on the radio!  I’m doing a three segment piece where they interview me and then set me up with three guys.  NON-Mormon guys!   Then after the date I come back into the studio and talk about how it went.  They also record the date and try to get me drunk (that won’t be hard).   

I’m throwing aside my anonymous name by sharing this, but it’s just too cool not to share!  Much like my older sister i'm opening the door to my personal life.  Scary!

Here is a short clip show of it.  Only 5 Min
The interview was a ton of fun.  FISH(Who is not religious in anyway) the DJ had loads of questions for me. The questions did not stop after the interview was over.  FISH said “Wow, that is the best it’s ever gone. I’m so glad we found you. You are a crazy fun girl!”  I still have two more segments.  The “Dating Game” where I ask questions. The questions I have written for the game are pretty dang sexual and funny.  FISH asked me if he could use the questions in the future. Here are just a few I wrote:

I'm princess Leia and you are Jabba the Hutt?  What would you have me do?

I'm rubber your glue, how would you get me to stick to you?

At the end of our first date how will you get me to come (small pause) to your apartment?

You want seduce me but you only have three CD's you can play? John Phillip Susa Marching Bands, Kidz Bop, or Catcher and the Rye narrated by Gilbert Godfray.

I was not nervous.  I have grown up around TV, Radio, and have performed in front of thousands of people. The only thing I worried about was how to delicately handle the Mormon issue.  My sister, who we talked about on the interview, has spent the majority of her life in the public eye for being Mormon.  (See: Parent Trap)  Jacky gave me the advice to speak as if Mormons were in the room.  I did just that.  I bent the truth and tried to lighten the topic of what it means to be a Mormon. Most importantly I talk about MYSELF and not just my mormon-isums.  Someday I intend to write a book about this experience but, for now I just want to have fun. 

 The full interview they aired was about 20 min but they cut it down to 7 for the website. I was glad they did.  My mother called me so excited but she did have a thought.  “You should have mentioned that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. That way we don’t sound so weird.”  Ha ha ha. I’m not in the business of making the church sound normal anymore.  I have opinions and I politely share them.   At some point my family will find this blog.  I already have had many people I know contact me through this.  I do love a lot of things about my life, and my upbringing, and even the church.  It had molded me into the person I am today and I love me!   I hope they recognize that this blog is meant to help people who feel lost and alone. It's my biggest and most reveling service project.  I guess if I have to come out I might as well do it in front of everyone!  My name is Lisa and I was a Mormon.