Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Suicide Awareness

I recently read an article posted by one of my Mormon Facebook friends about suicide in Utah.  As you may know suicide in Utah is a real problem.  The percentage of deaths due to suicide is 30% higher then the national average. The article was trying to claim Utah higher depression rate was due to the high altitudes.  A nice theory but I think anyone who has lived in Utah knows the real reason. 

 Whether you are gay or straight the pressure to live your life by the churches standards is a heavy burden.  One that many people choose not to endure by leavening.   However, the stress of trying to leave sends many into a spiraling depression.  When I was in collage I suffered greatly with the cognitive dissonances of the church.  I made an attempt on my life to escape the reality of a Mormon life.  That event has stayed with me.  You can read my story Here.

I recently became aware of a group who are trying to help.  They are hoping to spread the word far and wide -- even if its among exmos because they can reach out to their family and friends who may still be active.

I really support this Idea.  Luckily I do not live in Utah but that dose not mean I can't participate.  Here's a link to the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1717769221782323/  If you know anyone personally affected, maybe write up a tribute to them.

As far as participating in the event, a lot of the people are exmormon, so they won't be attending church, but we're trying to group people by local area so they can do candle light vigils, feed the homeless youth, etc... in their own community.