Friday, May 15, 2015

Story Telling

I have recently taken up story telling.  Professional storytelling is a fun creative way to tell your story with the expectation that it be hilarious. It's like stand up with Soul.    I will post the podcast of the story here once I can.  But for now here is what I preformed last month.  abut 200 people were there.  it was really fun!

I recently became un-engaged. The man I loved,  the man whose life became the focus of my own gone.  I was not good enough for him, or his money, or his religion.  I was 26 and convinced I would die a virgin. As an escape from being single again,  I boarded a plane to Europe. 2 of my best girl friends joined me. We saw Castles of Scotland, the Big Ben, The Luve and the Effie tower. Due to a mix up with our flights I would end the trip alone in Italy Rome.  

The coliseum hung from they sky and sunlight cascaded though the archways. He dumped you.  I marveled the the ancient architecture.  It's over.  Columns and fountains and statues.  You blew it.  Not good enough. Not Godly enough.  The cobblestone streets were buzzing with venders but I couldn't hear them over my own thoughts.    

"Chow Bella I have special price for you? How you lika take a walking tour?  35 Euros. includes a map with free gilato"  

I buzzed past him...gelato...Maybe I will feel better.  I circled the plaza 3 times in search of gelato.  Finallys asked an old woman. 

"sucie do you know where this gelato." 

Suddenly up from over a bench lept a 6 foot 2 curly hair Italian man. 

"You have come back Bella!"

It was that persistent tour guide.  

" no.  I'm just trying to find this"

"Gelato? Come come. I know it-"

Before I could protest he had grabbed my hand and we were off.  He spoke some rapped Italian to the store owner and then two massive gelato were handed to us. We sat at the grassy hill but this curly haired Very handsome sicilian seemed less interested in his dessert. 

"why you so sad bella?"

"I'm fine.  I'm just enjoying Rome" I lied.  Gosh I thought.  How am I going to shake this guy.

 "I know this look.  Please I beg you."

I smiled wide "I'm fine really...So what's your name?"


 My smile fell.  
"Oh... that was my Ex's name"

"Oh my God!  It is Destiny."

"what...No he was not a good guy." 

"Oh yes I hate this Aaron! Stupied Aaron!" he yell on the top of his lung. People riding scooter watching him jump up and down "Stupid Aaron!"  

  This man was ridiculous. It felt good laugh

"those scooter look like fun. I wish I could zip around Rome on one of those"

"I have a scooter." We stared at each other for a moment.  "Bella come with me and I will show you all of Rome?"

I'm not stupid.  I recognize I am a single naive woman is a unfamiliar city sitting next to a very passionate stranger. I weighed my options, Sit here alone and think about the man who broke my heart or Take a crazy life changing scooter and maybe I might get Murdered. 

"Lets do it!"

And we were off.  Darting down the narrow streets.  orange yellow white green blue brick building sped past. Nearly colliding with a Fiat Erion blasted his horn. I held him tighter my arms resting over his chest.  We snapped a photo at forum, we buzzed passed the Boca. as we drove he yelled "Destiny" he yelled as went "Destiny"

but then he started to drive up into a neighborhood. seemed rather far from the tourist places.  

"Where are we going?"

 He did not answer. Dang it Lisa, I knew I was going to get murdered.   I started trying to plan my escape route.  Then we pulled into an enclosed dark parking lot.  There was no where to run.   He stopped in front of a large large green door.   

"Bella come. I want to show you something." And he pointed to a notch in the door. 


"just look"

"Why? Whats in there?"

"just look, please" 

slowly I crouched down and peered into the hole. 

"Wow...Wait.  What is this?"  I said.  

"Look again"  Deep lush green trees tunneled down for a mile and then there at the end perfectly centered the dome of st peter's basilica. We we miles away and it was clear as day.  The most spectral site I had ever seen and it all fit in the size of a quarter.     

What is this place.  

"It is Italy's secret garden.  Owned by the wealthy church.  God himself told them it was to beautiful to hide so they gave us a peeking."   

"This is so beautiful." 

"No...Bella you are."

"Oh gosh, Your so cheese" Face flushed red

"Wha? Cheesy Bella you break my heart."

I laughed "Come on take a picture of me" And I posed by the door giving him my sexiest flirt-est smile. 

Suddenly overcome Erion dropped the camera."Oh My God"  Slipping one hand on my lower back the other behind my head and he... shoved his tough so far down my throat I couldn't breath. "Oh I'm sorry! I could not help myself"

I laughed  And we kissed in front of the Green door we kissed at the forum. and we kissed at the coliseum... and a few Asian tourist.  

And I felt something....Passion, Excitement, Shattering the shackles of my Mormon up-bring I allowed myself to feel.  Whatever this was it was awesome.   All my life God was watching me.  Guilting me, Shaming me

Why would God give the gift of passion and to take it away. Giving us only a glips of what others experience.   

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