Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ordain Woman

What would happen if Woman were given the priesthood? This woman has a pretty good idea. She has figured out 4 simple step to survive Woman in the church work place.  She my be a Mormon but she get it and she has a since of humor.  I got to give her props for this.  Though she is probably brainwashed she has enough of a mind left to recognize how the church leaders are better at controlling people then trusting them to think for themselves.  The church leaders are just stupid old men who wish we all would stop using all this new fangled technology and go back to a simpler time where TV had 3 channels and only a white male property holders could vote.  Ahhhh yes the good old days.

I'll admit when I hear about all this Ordain Woman nonsense I just think "Ladies LEAVE!  How can you be so close to freedom and yet stop short!  Keep going, freedom is just one ex-communication away!"

I understand how the relief society president with her perfectly modest skirt can fall into the "role of a woman" crap.  But how can there be so many wonderfully beautiful woman who recognize the sexism of the church still attend?  Not only to they recognize it, but they want more. More sexism!  I'm sure if woman got the priesthood the next step would be letting us get our own planet in the after life.  Or maybe the enjoy a monogamous afterlife with our husband.   On rare occasion I attempt to understand the Mormon woman perspective. I'll admit it is a nice community but besides that...

If you have any idea how these half robot woman exist in the the church feel free to enlighten me...Please leave a comment...  Because I'm stumped.


  1. So coming from the male experience in the church, my question is: Why would women want the priesthood in the first place? I accept my view of responsibility and patriarchy in general probably deviates a bit from the norm, but I've always viewed it more as added responsibility than privilege. Starting as a deacon collecting fast offerings after church when all you want to do is go home and eat, teachers showing up early to prepare sacrament, being called in the middle of the night to give priesthood blessings, freaking out at all times questioning if you're "in tune enough" to give said blessings, and some of those "prestigious" callings, that end up being a part time job alongside your regular life. It would be easier not to have to worry about all that stuff. I recognize some people get off on that ego stroking, some people view it as a status symbol and whatnot, but those people are dumb.

    As I think on it, is it just simply the fact of "if somebody is gonna make a mistake I want it to be me"? I know leaders make mistakes and all, but do women just want a larger share of the mistakes to be theirs? I guess I've held onto the axiom for many years of, if someone's asking/demanding responsibility, they're probably not the people you want to be giving responsibility.

  2. I see what you are saying. However, might I point out the attitude you are exhibiting is similar to the attitude men had about woman in politics. Woman should not worry their little heads about such complicated things. I think we are reaching a time when woman want to feel like they play a bigger part.

    I'm with you Soupy. When I was Mormon it was a struggle for me to do my visiting much less hold the priesthood calling. But wouldn't it be nice if you did always get called in the dead of night to give blessings?

    In the end i think it is less about "why would they want it" to "Why should they want it". I think it would be step in the right direction. Maybe clean up some of the sexism of the church. Why should the young woman need a man to sit in on all there classes? Why shouldn't a woman say the closing prayer? Why should we allow yourself to be considered second class.

    Of course the real answer is leave the church but not all want to do that. And if they want to be a part of the church let them put some perspective on it.

  3. I am ex-mormon atheist. I have a LOT of thoughts on this, but what it comes down to is this:
    "Worthy" people should be able to pretend to wield the power of god if they want to-- whether they are male or female.
    Let's simplify things: to hold the priesthood or to continue to do so, one needs to 1) meet the spiritual requirements 2) consistently meet the physical requirements [ya know-- show up to pass the sacrament in a white shirt and tie, for example]

    I mean, it's an organization with some pretty great perceived benefits-- you meet the requirements, you get in. Just like the Army, just like being a temple worker, just like being a part of a professional organization. Once you are in, you have to do things-- keep a good PT, show up to the temple, or pay your professional organization dues.

    A Y chromosome should not be a requirement to have the "privilege" to act in the name of god or to be a part of this privileged club and receive the perceived benefits. Blacks used to be kept out of the club and the same sort of hoopla surrounded them eventually getting the priesthood.


  4. I am just saying... women that meet the requirements should be able to be in the club and receive the benefits. I can understand how a female missionary who made the same sacrifices as a male have to pass off the person they have found and have been teaching to be baptized. Its crazy-talk. The church holding women back from the priesthood is ridiculous-- it is just something to hold over people's heads... males and females alike.

    ~Jen (again)

  5. Well, I think we should think more patiently about these women - 1, because we were one of them 2, not everyone is able to leave the church from day to day. Even having the courage to question the church leaders is a pretty good beginning in my opinion.

    I keep my fingers crossed for them!

  6. I don't think it is fair to criticize them, especially since you don't know their personal beliefs. Ordain has made Church leadership look really bad and has exposed them for what they are. I can't hate on that

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