Thursday, January 21, 2021



If you have found this blog CONGRATULATIONS.  You were brave enough to look at something you know the church would rather you not.  This is an online book started in 2013 when I first decided to leave the Mormon church.  I wrote this as a "Do's and Don'ts" for young single people trying to make their way in the real world. Sex, Porn, and Coffee!   I highly recommend starting with my earlier posts and working back to front.  Learn from my misadventures friends.  

When a cute boy ask "What are ya drink?"  

Do Not respond with "what!  haha! Water?  Just kidding.  I can drink alcohol.  I had a wine once.  I mean, I think it was.  See... I used to be Mormon.  It's this religion that I was, like, trapped in. AH!  Did you know Josephs Smith had his own whiskey?  He was my prophet  but now I'm freeeeeeeee."